ICSE Important Numericals Class 10 Physics BOARD Exams

ICSE Class 10 Physics Numericals


ICSE Important Numericals Class 10 Physics BOARD Exams

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Many students often struggle to solve physics numericals during ICSE Class 10 exams. This book serves as a valuable resource for practicing Numericals for ICSE Class 10 Physics. It offers a quick and effective way to prepare for board exams.

Chapters Covered:

All ICSE Class 10 Physics Chapters are Covered.

  • Force, Work, Power and Energy
  • Simple Machines
  • Refraction of Light
  • Refraction through Lenses and Optical Instruments
  • Spectrum
  • Echoes and Vibrations of Sound
  • Electricity
  • Electric Power and Household Circuits
  • Magnetic Effects of Current
  • Specific Heat Capacity and Latent Heat
  • Radioactivity and Nuclear Energy

Special Features

This eBook contains Numericals based on ICSE Class 10 physics.

  • 215 Numericals, Solved
  • Chapter Wise Important Numericals with Detailed Solutions
  • All Important Numericals are Covered.
  • With Solution
  • Downloadable and Printable
  • Must Have Book for Students Studying in ICSE Class 10


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